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Children, Youth & You

Godly Play Returns the first Sunday of the month!!

Starting February 6, 2022

We will be providing a Godly Play lesson for children ages 3 years old through 3rd grade at the 10am service this Sunday.  This will be offered the first Sunday of the month. 

The children will leave with the Godly Play teacher at the beginning of the service and be returned to their families during the Passing of the Peace. Godly Play is held upstairs, in the Godly Play classroom above Marsh Hall and provides multi-sensory child oriented Bible stories.

St John's Nursery will also be available the first Sunday of the month for those who are too young for Godly Play.  Our nursery is designed for our children under the age of 3. We are building a foundation for your child's life in the church and their walk with the Lord. We offer a safe, engaging, and fun place to explore and learn about God through play with trained staff and volunteers. 

All Are Welcome

Father and Children
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No matter who you are or what family means to you, we believe you are a beloved part of God’s family. We are all united as children of God, whatever our other differences may be and that is what matters to us. We strive to love and support one another through our challenges and triumphs. We aren’t perfect, but we keep working on it! 

St John’s provides a variety of opportunities for children to learn the Christian faith, Episcopal identity, and to contribute to worship and their community. Contact us at for more information.


Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend the Sunday service.

St John’s loves to have our children at worship with us and understands that kids will be kids. 

At the front of the church near the piano, there is a large children’s area with quiet activities.

Kids and their families are welcome here to see and experience the service up close. 

“My most treasured possessions are not things; they are only things, my friends, family and animals are what counts.”
- John the Apostle

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