Grace Rising: A Special Appeal from

Fr. Michael and Deacon Missy

March 12, 2021

Grace Rising, A St John’s Appeal to Address the Long-Term Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the poor.


Despite the promising news of vaccine availability, the negative economic impact of this pandemic will continue to adversely affect many of our neighbors in the form of continued joblessness, food insecurity, and the threat of eviction. A report published earlier this month by the Brookings Institution finds that “…households earning less than $30,000 per year are experiencing the highest rates of job loss and the slowest recovery.” Mounting rental debt and threat of eviction cast a long shadow for our most vulnerable neighbors.


To be sure, the stimulus package providing $1,400 per person will blunt the near-term pain of our low-income neighbors, but challenges will last well into 2022.


St John’s communal response begins by readying ourselves to play the part God would have us take in this unfolding and uncertain economic recovery.


A good number of us will soon be receiving money as part of our nation's response to the crisis. Some will wonder whether there are others who need this help more, and some will have earned too much to qualify for the disbursement. And many of us will thank God for this timely rescue.


Wherever you are on this spectrum, we’re asking you to make a contribution to a special appeal for the poor that we’re calling, “Grace Rising." For just as God’s grace descends from the love that flows from the Holy Trinity, so does it rise from the hands and hearts of a people who comprise the Body of Christ for a suffering world.


Of the funds we raise:


50% will go to our partners at Attain Housing for their Stable Home Rental Assistance Program and capacity building to expand this program and serve more local families.


25%  to St. John’s Outreach Ministry to combat food insecurity.


25% to our respective discretionary funds to respond to the emergency needs of individuals and families in crisis.


You are a special community! And though the challenge is great, the Grace of God and your goodness make all things possible.

Please make checks out to St. John’s Episcopal Church and write “Grace Rising” in memo line or online donations can be made through Vanco under the Donations heading of 'other' with the note "Grace Rising."


Please send in your contribution before the end of April 2021. 


With truly thankful hearts,

Fr Michael, Deacon Missy, and the Vestry

St John's, like any organization, depends on donations to fund the life of the church and the ways in which we serve. Monetary gifts can be for a specific project or in  support of the standard operation of the church.

Donations can be made on a recurring basis to go towards your pledge through your bank, through Vanco online, or by mailing your check to the church at:


St John’s Episcopal Church
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Thank you for your generosity!

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