We are a congregation seeking to support one another and enrich our neighborhood and community with Christ’s presence through our ministries.

Everyone is welcome at St John’s; we live in a diverse community of nationalities, belief, gender expression, sexuality, wealth, and race.

We are united by the overwhelming love of God.

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We welcome you to join us online in worship!

Sunday Eucharist:

Eucharist starts at 10:00 am, join us!  Click here for ways to watch.

To follow along, Sunday's Worship Booklet is here.

You can watch videos of our recorded Eucharist in our archive.

Sunday Children's Content:

This changes every week, so please click here for the current video and activities which your child can use to reflect and respond to the story.

Weekday Prayers and Services:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday have online prayer offerings at 9am, please follow this link.

Wednesday has 12pm Order of Service for Noonday, see here for prayer booklet.

7pm Formation course followed by Compline at ~8:30pm, see here.

Past services:

You can watch videos of our recorded

Eucharist in our archive.

Online Class
School Children
Happy Girl
Playing with Masks

Covid-19 Update
SJK Kirkland Preschool


SJK Preschool enrolling for 2022



Please see the preschool website here and let your friends and families know!

St John's Preschool had a soft opening in October of 2020, meeting all current state requirements for health and safety.  

Staff has received specific COVID-19 protocols and are following all sanitizing procedures with reduced class sizes.

Preschool is very important as a part of early childhood education and will greatly help the students both now and in preparing for more formal education and their futures. 


Young children cannot gather or learn effectively with an online format.  The interactions between children and instructors are essential at this age, so it must happen in person.  (Please click here for more information from the National Association for the Education of Young Children.) The preschool is requiring those who are unvaccinated to wear a facial mask and for all attendees to comply with recommended health and safety guidelines.


Please contact SJK Preschool on their website if you would like more information.