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St. John's Centennial

In 2022, St. John’s Episcopal Church Celebrated 100 years in downtown Kirkland!

We at St. John's Episcopal Church in Kirkland, WA honored our first century of existence by hosting a variety of public events throughout the years of 2022 and 2023.

On November 20, 2022, we prepared to "exchange" rectors with The Church of the Epiphany in Seattle for that day's service. This exchange symbolized and celebrated this parish's roots in its own historic relationship with Epiphany Church.


Below is a featured video from our Centennial Events video archive. The full video archive can be found further down the page.

SJK Complete History

A few of our faithful congregants have dived into the history books and news records to assemble a detailed and colorful history of our parish, from its first breath in the 1920s to the 100-years strong fixture of Kirkland, WA it has become today.

Click here to learn about the origins St. John's Episcopal Church in Kirkland, WA.

Centennial Events 2022

Pulpit Exchange with Fr. Doyt Conn, Rector at Church of the Epiphany in Seattle, WA

To celebrate St. John's Kirkland's centennial, we honor our common roots with Epiphany Church in Seattle. To celebrate and renew the legacy of hope and sacrifice shared by our two churches, we "swapped" our rectors for one day. Fr. Doyt Conn of Epiphany presided over SJK's 10 a.m. service, while Fr. Michael presided over both of Epiphany's morning services.

Below we have placed videos of both services side-to-side and encourage you to watch the gospel readings and sermons from both of them. Epiphany's Gospel reading begins @20:23.

Gospel Reading & Sermon begin @20:32

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