We're glad you're here

Welcome to our church online.  We are glad here, and we are eager to get to know you when you join us in worship. 

 We are an Episcopal Church who gather each Sunday to break bread and serve God together.  As Christians in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition, our spirituality finds its center in our belief that God in Christ is the One in whom we live and move and have our being. This means we believe that God is present with us wherever we are, in our homes or in our workplace, in the marketplace, or in the woods. 

We like to embrace questions exploring who God is and how God acts in our lives. Understanding God as mystery, we are less concerned with definitive answers than the limitless possibilities of the Divine, concentrating more on our responses to this reality. At our best, our responses reflect the love found in the divine community of God as Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We often fall short, but we live in grace striving to learn and grow more and more into the likeness of Christ. 


Our spirituality is rooted the ancient Celtic and Benedictine traditions of liturgy, prayer, and action. Our worship services are kinetic with dramatic movements to stir our hearts and nourish our souls, sending us out to love our neighbors in the world. This love is expressed through serving others, seeking justice, peace, healing, and reconciliation for all, and respecting the dignity of every human being and God’s creation. 

The title of our Book of Common Prayer speaks so much about who we are. We believe our faith is not lived alone, but rather in community as we bear one another’s burdens and share each one’s joys steeped in common prayer formed through the Scriptures. Together we are part of a community, known as the Body of Christ, working together to make the whole world feel and know God’s unconditional love. 

Whether you visit us online, join us on a Sunday, or another of our offerings, or wish to become a member you are always welcome here.