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In-Person Worship

Update 5/20/2022:  Reinstating facial masks starting Sunday, May 22nd
A message from Fr Michael

We will continue to require facial masks when indoors.  This decision was reached after a few cases developed in and around the Parish this past week.  In every case, the individuals were fully vaccinated and boosted.  Thankfully, no one was hospitalized.

Given that reported infection rates are a lagging indicator of the virus’s spread, we’ll take this a couple of weeks at a time. Everything else will remain open, including wine at Holy Communion.  We have every reason to believe that these restrictions will be short-lived.  It certainly helps now that the weather is improved and we have a better handle on the importance of good ventilation.

Thank you for all of the ways you continue to care for each other, look after yourselves, and tend to the health of our good parish.

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