In Person Worship

Update 4/10:  Tomorrow's Sunday Worship service will be online only at 9am. No in person worship this week.

We will be posting any upcoming events on this page, so please stay tuned.

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- Each individual will need to register separately.

- Please call us at (425) 827-3077 to request a seat in the pew by phone.

- If more people reserve their seats than our safe capacity limit, seats will be assigned by random lottery.

- For more information about St John's Regathering & Covid-19 Mitigation Plan, please click here.

In Person Worship Services - Beta*

* Please note that this online request system is very new and still in beta testing.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve this process.  

Please also complete the Covid-19 Health Declaration below after requesting in-person attendance.

Covid-19 Health Declaration

How are you feeling today?

COVID-19 Disclosure & Screening Form

If you cannot check all three boxes below, please do not enter the building. Please stay home and check with your primary care provider for further instructions, including information about COVID-19 testing.

For the health of our community, all participants attending the event on the date below, are required to initial below and agree to voluntarily assume any risk of physically participating at this event. You also agree to follow all social distancing, sanitizing, and temperature-taking protocols in place at this event or activity and agree to wear a face mask correctly for the entirety of this event.


Your participating in person at this event is conditioned upon your acceptance and agreement to the above. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe and healthy; we are all in this together!

Have you been vaccinated? Your attendance is not conditioned upon your vaccination status. This question is asked for matters of pastoral care. (required)

Update 4/10: 

Tomorrow's Sunday Worship service will be online only at 9am.

No in person worship

this week.

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