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St John's Family Eucharist

Communion at a local Kirkland backyard for families who cannot safely attend Sunday morning services and receive the Holy Eucharist.

During the first centuries of Christianity, Worship was held mainly in private homes.  This practice dates back to the  Acts of the Apostles. The early movement, called the Way, was attractive because the church exhibited a richness of fellowship and practices of hospitality that were remarkable during the Roman Empire.

This ongoing pandemic has created conditions of separation and conflict that have been surprising and unsettling to us all.  Children and families have been hardest hit.  Ministering to young families during this time has been particularly challenging.   

On Sunday, October 31st at 2pm,  we invite you to a Family Eucharist where we and Fr. Michael, with the help of several little ones, will celebrate Holy Communion together.  Old school!   

Image by Tim Wildsmith
Image by James Coleman

We will meet in a parish member's backyard in Kirkland (address provided to interested participants). There will be a rain shelter available for inclement weather, but please dress warmly and according to the weather.  The Holy Communion service is about twenty minutes long.

All families are welcome!  

To participate, please email Melody at

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