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In Case of Emergency

Contact Info for St John's Members

Please submit your emergency contact information so we may offer assistance should it be needed.

It has come to our attention that should someone have an emergent medical issue or lose consciousness during a worship service or any other St John's hosted event, we would appreciate the ability to call your emergency contact person on the phone. 
Please help us to ensure your safety during St John's events.

kirkland ambulance.jpeg

Please share your emergency contact information with us

Should an emergency or urgent medical situation occur while you are attending a service or other event at St John's, we will call your emergency contact person.

Your Contact Information

Emergency Contact Person

Your privacy is important to us.
The only people who will have access to this information is our Webmaster, our Parish Administrator, and our Rector. We guarantee that we will keep your personal information private.

We will store your emergency information securely on our server and only access it in the event of a medical emergency. We will not send any email, calls, texts, or any other communication to this person unless it is an emergency. Please see more information here.

Thank you for helping to ensure your safety!

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