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Food Box


in Kirkland, WA

What is the State Street Free Pantry?

St. John's Episcopal Church established the State Street Free Pantry in December 2022 as part of the Little Free Pantries network to help address food insecurity in Kirkland, WA. The Pantry is a pair of modest wooden cabinets located just outside the SJK Church Office at 127 State Street. One cabinet contains food for people, the

other contains food for pets. The State Street Free Pantry is a place where people who do not have enough food can come to find something to nourish themselves for no cost. It is also a place where people who are fortunate enough to have stable access to basic necessities can share their blessing by providing food and hygiene items and know that a neighbor will be aided by their effort.

How do Little Free Pantries Work?

Little Free Pantries are an easy way for neighbors to help neighbors who need food, hygiene or paper items. They are a 24/7, zero barrier access point to food. Little Free Pantries not only support neighbors who are facing food insecurity but also build micro-communities. They empower people to make immediate change toward their neighborhood. By way of neighbors helping neighbors and the stocking of a Little Free Pantry, micro-communities form around this pillar and in turn connect neighbors who otherwise would not have met.

Give what you can by placing food, hygiene, or paper items inside the pantry. Your neighbors who need those items can freely take from the pantry, no questions asked. If you see items inside and you them, take them and know your community cares for you.

What kinds of things can I stock inside the Pantry?

For People: we want to stock the People Pantry with the items listed on these two fliers.


For Pets: There are a variety of pets in Kirkland, so keep local need in mind. In general we want to stock the Pet Pantry with reasonably good quality canned wet food for dogs and cats. Canned foods with meat as the first ingredient is desirable. Dry kibble is less expensive, but wet food is especially important for cats' health. They deserve to eat healthy even if their human has to choose between medicine, food, and rent.

How often will you re-stock the Pantry?

We expect the pantry will need to be re-stocked every day! Please check the Pantry frequently to make sure our neighbors' needs are being met. Help us keep the pantry full!

How much food can someone take from the State Street Pantry?

We believe food resources should be available to all regardless of need. Little Free Pantries are a mode to deliver food through mutual aid, allowing us to function as neighbors in solidarity rather than charity, ensuring the organizing effort is mutually beneficial and all people are cared for. LFPs are a zero-barrier access point to food, allowing for non-judgmental, anonymous access to food. A person can take one item or an entire bag of food. It’s not the role of a pantry host to police the amount of food a person can take but rather to care for the pantry, establishing community engagement to ensure the pantry stays stocked and is a reliable access point to food.

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