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2000 to 2010

Anna Aubry

2000 to 2010

The 21st century got off to a great start. As the new millennium dawned, the Y2K scare did not cause a disastrous failure of computer systems as some had feared. At St. John’s, the April 30 Easter decorations were especially lovely with masses of flower arrangements. The parish was enjoying the use of the newly-remodeled kitchen in the Undercroft with two gas stoves, new refrigerator, new cupboards, and new wiring and plumbing.

That new kitchen came in very handy on Sunday, May 7, 2000, when the congregation surprised Fr. Mackay and Rosemary with a celebration of their ten years at St. John’s. The celebration included special presentations by members of the Church school, teachers, students, and parents. The Mackays were given a special book of notes and pictures as well as donations including dinners. Fr. Mackay and Rosemary were very touched by our congregation’s thoughtfulness and generosity and wrote a lovely, gracious thank you note to the parish.

Then, just a few days later Friday, May 12, 2000, came a very unpleasant surprise. St. John’s was again to experience a massive fire, which shook our very foundations and caused great uncertainty about our future.

The life of St. John’s parish continued even under these very difficult circumstances. Two days later, worship services were moved to the Kirkland Performance Center and included the baptisms of Marlina Gray, Natasha Johnson, Allison McMath, Nicole McMath, and Dave Savage. Soon other churches and meeting halls in the Kirkland area also came to our rescue. Worship services were also celebrated in Marina Park with baptisms in the very cold waters of Lake Washington.

By the time the June Emblem (monthly church newsletter) was published, St. John’s had received assurance of support from our Bishop and the Diocese of Olympia, as well as a very impressive outpouring of unsolicited gifts from parish members, Episcopal churches in the area, our Kirkland Ecumenical Parish, Eastside Churches from the Gathering as One Celebration, and various members of our wider Christian Community totaling $29,000! According to the Kirkland Courier, the local newspaper, by mid-June the total came to $32,000! The incredible outpouring of support included gifts from St. Aiden’s Camano, St. Thomas Medina, St. Claire’s Snoqualmie, Good Samaritan Sammamish, St. John Vianney, St. Benedict’s Lacey, Cedar Park Church, Antioch Bible Church, Holy Family Kirkland, St. Andrew’s Episcopal, Rose Hill Presbyterian, Holy Spirit Lutheran, St. Peter’s Episcopal, Church of the Resurrection, City Church, and the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.

The cleanup, demolition of the damaged buildings and areas, and the removal of debris was progressing well. And, on July 13, 2000, we actually had a Groundbreaking Celebration. However, there was still more “heavy lifting” to follow.

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