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Fr Martin Smith's Eastertide Visit 2022

Fr Martin Smith is joining us in Kirkland from May 19 through June 6th

Summary Event Schedule:


Thursday 6/2 - 7:30 to 9pm:  Co-Creators with God? - a Gathering for Young Adults  |  Evening Experience

One on One Meeting Schedule

​Fr Martin available by appointment for spiritual conversations

Tuesday May 31 - 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm         

Rev. Smith Homily

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Skip to 27 minutes in to view Fr Martin Smith's sermon

Parish Experiences

Saturday May 21 - 9.30am to 2pm

At Saint John’s, light lunch provided in Marsh Hall

Holy Spirit, our Advocate and Guide

This centenary season is the ideal time to celebrate our dedication to St John, “the disciple whom Jesus loved” and the source of the glorious fourth gospel. Join us for a morning of scriptural reflection exploring what the Gospel of John teaches about the Holy Spirit, our Advocate, the Divine Gift who is more on our side than we are.


The Spirit is the voice of memory cherishing the past, the voice of our future supporting what is new and what comes next.


Wednesday May 25 -  9.30am to 2:30pm

Marsh Hall  - A Workshop for Diocesan Clergy sponsored by Bishop Greg Rickel and hosted by Saint John’s Parish

The Art of Hearing Confessions

A practical workshop for clergy who want to incorporate the Rite of Reconciliation into their pastoral ministry more effectively. Based on the book by the leader, Fr Martin L Smith, and the Rev Julia Gatta, Go in Peace: the Art of Hearing Confessions, (Church Publishing), the workshop will give participants, especially those who have not received any previous coaching, opportunity to explore the questions they have about recommending, and administering the Rite.


Fr Martin L Smith is well known throughout the Episcopal Church and beyond for his roving ministry of spiritual formation in retreats and workshops and as the author of widely read books exploring contemporary spirituality, including Reconciliation: Preparing for Confession in the Episcopal Church.

Saturday May 28 -  9.30am to 2pm

At Saint John’s, light lunch provided in Marsh Hall

The Spirit’s Gift of Hope

Love and faith seem to have claimed most of the Church’s attention for a long time, leaving many of us puzzled about what the Spirit’s gift of Hope is. But at a time when the skies are darkening over our war-torn and endangered world, and the Church faces baffling challenges, hope is just what we need to explore. Join us for a morning of reflection and prayer about the God of Hope, and how we can resonate with the hope of God. How can St John’s be a faithful community that welcomes people into active hopefulness, an imaginative church that lives under the authority of God’s future?


Evening Experiences

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Tuesday May 24 - 7PM to 8:30pm

Saint John’s Chapel of the Good Shepherd, coffee, tea, water and light refreshments.

Companionship and Hope in Grieving

This evening will provide a supportive opportunity for recognizing our losses, and honoring the grieving that comes with them. We will ponder how the Holy Spirit keeps us company, honors our experience, and invites us to open up to consolation and hope. There will be a time for sharing, for reflecting, and for simple meditation together.


Thursday June 2 - 7.30pm to 9pm

Co-Creators with God?—a Gathering for Young Adults

Join us for an evening of conversation and reflection, exploring ways in which the Holy Spirit may be recruiting us now to use our gifts together. Crises in our society and planet cry out for collaborative action. What role does God have for us in the renewal and repair of our part of creation?  Bring friends, all are welcome.


One on One Meeting Schedule

Thursday May 26 - 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Fr Martin available by appointment for spiritual conversations

Tuesday May 31 - 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm         

Fr Martin available by appointment for spiritual conversations

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