SJK Formation

Foundational Formations Program
led by Canon John Fergueson

Current Course

In these 45-minute classes, 30 minutes will be given to presenting content. Fifteen minutes will be given over to answering questions about the presented content. These classes will consist of five-week modules. The first three weeks will present content. The fourth week will consist of practical ideas to put the content presented into action. The fifth week will be a time of sharing how actions have been put into practice. The first module will explore the oral tradition (which predates the written Scriptures) about Baptism and the Holy Eucharist, and how these Sacraments became the vital epicenter of the life of the Ancient Church, thereby becoming the initial First Principle of Christian Church. Everyone is invited to participate!

A new Foundational Formation activity is about to commence.  Beginning on Sunday, November 27th at 9:00 am, Canon John Fergueson will present the first in an ongoing series of 45-minute classes entitled “The Nascent Church.”
In Canon John’s October 9th Sermon, he said the purpose of these short classes is to learn and be formed in the First Principles of Christian Faith, making those First Principles the main understanding and commitment of a congregation’s ongoing life and ministry.
The First Principles of Christian Faith were created by the Ancient Church - who explored, established and insisted upon these First Principles.
It falls to us to learn, mark, inwardly digest and commit ourselves to these First Principles, so that we can help The Holy Trinity bring into being an emerging parish community at St. John’s Kirkland.