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Advent Devotions Of The Community 2022

Psalm 96:1 “O Sing to the Lord a New Song; Sing to the Lord, All the Earth.”

Welcome To Advent!

We are in a time of transition. Ted Ederer, recent recipient of the Bishop’s Cross for his long and faithful service to the church, describes where we are coming from:

“For nearly three years, we have been dealing with, and transitioning out of, Covid; experiencing health issues and, occasionally, death – if not personally, certainly on a local, national and world scale. Our work lives have been changed, perhaps forever. With job losses, work reductions, and working from home. Our social lives became nonexistent: social gatherings with friends were put off; few social events even took place; travel plans were canceled; church buildings were empty; games were canceled and then played in stadiums without fans; restaurant meals were picked up to be eaten at home; and those who live alone were even more isolated.”

Stripped of our previous ways of being with one another—no in-person church, restaurants, school, gatherings, travel, events—we’ve experienced new ways of conducting the basic rhythms of our lives, including, perhaps, recognizing those people, activities, and habits

that are most essential to our well-being as individuals and as members of a community.  Where is God in this?  What do the Scriptures of Advent invite us to think about as we resume our connections with one another in old and new ways?  This year’s Advent Meditations Book contains 28 answers to that question from recent and deeply rooted members of the St. John’s community, as they share their insights and new songs, responding to ancient Scripture.

May reading one of these meditations each day in the Advent Season (Sunday, November 27 through December 24) bring you courage, hope, love, and faith as we prepare for Jesus’ birth.


Peace and blessings,

The Rev. Jane Rohrer, Editor

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