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2023 SJK Registry Refresh

In this new year, the administration of St. John's Episcopal Church has recognized the need to refresh the information in our Parish Member Registry. Even if you have filled out this information in the past, please help us by filling out this form and re-submitting your up-to-date contact information.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please share your up-to-date contact information with us!

This information collected from this form will be used to "clean up" SJK's Parish Member Registry database and renew the public directory. ALL fields marked with a star * are required!! Please ensure all required fields are filled in correctly.

Your Name & DoB

Address & Contact Information

Public Directory Listing

Thank you for helping us refresh our parish records!

Check this box if you wish for your address, phone numbers, and email address to be published in St. John's Episcopal Church's Public Directory. If you wish to keep your contact information private and request that it NOT be published in the Public Directory, click the box to un-check it.

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